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I’ve always been passionate about wildlife, raising awareness and fundraising for various environmental and health charities. In 2014, I flew to Namibia to work in an animal sanctuary and research facility, what I learned there about the impact humans have on wildlife has never left me.  My husband & I are lucky enough to have seen some amazing, beautiful countries on our travels and every one of them has animals at risk of extinction, beach clean up operations, conservation areas blocked off to the public to protect them, etc. This has not only broadened my mind but made me realise that we have work to be done to protect our planet. 
The Eco Friendly living Co was born out of my desire to change our shopping habits in our home.  In 2019, we decided that some changes in our own lives were in order, to ensure we were living more sustainably so I spent time searching eco-friendly living.  Throughout my search, I was amazed at what sustainable product alternatives were out there, yet we didn’t know about them.  Fast forward to the following year and The Eco Friendly Living Co was born! 

As you can imagine our ethos and brand values are at the absolute core of what we do.  Our aim with our eco-friendly products shop is to encourage families to ditch the single-use plastic and switch to more sustainable product alternatives.  We currently stock over 100 different plastic-free or recycled products to choose from and if you're new to this journey then you may find our Eco Starter Kits a great starting point.  

It is also important to use that we use our platform to give back.  2020 was our first year in business and we ran several campaigns throughout the year where we pledged to plant trees for every order placed.  Our charity partner for these pledges is One Tree Planted who plant trees in areas where it is deemed they are needed the most.  I am pleased to say that throughout the year we pledged donations to plant 119 trees in total and the certificates for these pledges can be seen in our blog.  As we move in to 2021 and grow as a business we have plans to carry on our work with One Tree Planted but we also have plans to help on a social level too. 

If you have any questions or if there are any products you would like advice on please do get in touch at
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