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Eco Starter Kit- Cleaning

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The idea behind the Starters Kits is to get families to ditch their single use plastic and switch to these eco-friendly cleaning products.  The kits are filled with lots of eco-friendly products that will show you just how easy it is to start living a more sustainable lifestyle.  They are great if you’re looking to start making small changes in your home and they also make great gifts!

Plus we will also plant a tree for every Starter Kit ordered through One Tree Planted.  These trees will be planted in areas where it is deemed they are needed the most, such as areas devastated by fires and floods or areas affected by deforestation.  In 2020, we have planted trees in Australia after the bush fires in early 2020 and in Uganda, a country that has one of the highest's deforestation rates in the world.

Each Starter Kit contains the following 6 items and you will save money on buying the products individually. 

Ocean Saver Bathroom Cleaner Eco Drop in Pomegranate- This bathroom descaler cuts through limescale and soap scum, whilst leaving behind the fresh scent of pomegranate and a long lasting shine.  That’s the dreaded bathroom clean made easier for you. 

Ocean Saver Glass Cleaner Eco Drop in Sea Spray- Eco-friendly and plant based, this Glass Cleaner EcoDrop™ eliminates dirt, dust and pesky hand prints without the harmful chemicals. The perfect replacement for your existing, non-recyclable cleaning spray. 

Ocean Saver Multi-Purpose Eco Drop in Lavender Wave- This Multi Purpose Cleaner will leave your home smelling of beautiful lavender whilst working hard on those tough stains.  It’s ideal for use all over the home making it the perfect plastic-free multi purpose cleaner.

These Oceansaver Cleaning Drops are the perfect solution to plastic free cleaning.  Oceansaver is against single use plastic so have developed these revolutionary concentrated cleaning drops that are totally biodegradable.  You simply put into an empty bottle, add warm water and shake to use!  The drops are also plant based so they are kind to you, your home and the planet!

Save your home from bacteria and the ocean from plastic, what’s not to love!

3x Glass Spray Bottle- The perfect glass bottle to go with the water-soluble cleaning sachets Ocean Saver. This perfect duo means you won’t have to buy cleaning solutions in single-use plastic containers anymore.  They can also be used for any other household liquids. 

  • 500ml Capacity
  • 175mm Height, 76mm Diameter
  • Amber or clear Glass Bottle
  • Lockable Trigger Screw Top

All this will be packaged in a kraft delivery box. with kraft paper shredding's.  All of our delivery packaging is plastic-free so please reuse, recycle or compost where possible.