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Sintra Naturals Face Mask Cubes

Sintra Naturals Face Mask Cubes

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Geethika is the founder of Sintra Naturals and her journey started when she became a mother and her son was allergic to shop bought baby soaps and lotions so she decided to explore natural skin care and cold process soap making.  Geethika grew up in India where they always used natural ingredients for their skin care routine like soap nuts for hair washing and chickpea flour or rice flour for washing your body and that’s where the inspiration for her recipes comes from. 

These 4 Oat & Shea Face Mask Cubes are packaged in a branded box small and elegant enough to fit into a Christmas stocking!

They have all the goodness of a traditional sheet face mask but in cubes form, which make them easy to use and store.  Suitable for dry, oily and sensitive skins as no aromatherapy oils are used.

The cubes contain french yellow clay, which is great at detoxing the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.  It is gentle and non abrasive leaving skin squeaky clean and glowing.  The colloidal oat meal is a form of oat meal specially made for cosmetic use as the oats are processed in a special way so that we get maximum benefit from tiny amount.  Safflower oil is the best oil to use for all kinds of skin types and is approved for use for oily and acne prone skin too.  Finally, the cubes contain allantoin for extra soothing and reduce puffiness and redness after using the face mask. 

How to use: Just half a cube is enough for face.  Take a cube and cut into half, wet the face and start rubbing the cube.  It will melt in contact and form a layer on the skin.  Leave the mask for 10min and wash off with lukewarm water. 


The colour of the cubes may slightly vary from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients and process but this does not effect the performance or quality .

All our packaging is also plastic-free so please reuse, recycle or compost where possible.