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Eco-friendly cleaning essentials for under £10

Your eco-friendly and plastic-free cleaning essentials for under £10.  Buy well and your cleaning products will last longer saving you money and saving the planet from unnecessary plastic waste.

Eco-friendly cleaning products on The Eco Friendly Living Co

Ocean Saver Multi-Purpose Eco Drop- £1.75
These revolutionary plastic free cleaning drops are completely zero waste.  Simply pop one into an empty cleaning bottle, fill with warm water and shake to use.  The drops come in a water-soluble film which completely dissolves into water without generating any harmful toxins. and can be used throughout the house.

2 pack of EcoLiving compostable cloths- £3.60
These compostable cleaning cloths get rave reviews from my customers.  They are tough, absorbent and wash like new meaning they can be used over and over again.  I've lost count how many times I have washed mine.  When use is exhausted, they can be composted as they are made from plant-based fibres.

Toilet bombs- 50p each
The plastic-free and natural way of cleaning your toilet.  Simply drop one into your toilet, let it fizz and then use your toilet brush to clean around your toilet.  Try them for just 50p a bomb or purchase a 10 pack for £4.75

Wooden dish brush- £3.95
Using plastic cleaning equipment can often mean that microplastics wash down the drain and into our waterways and oceans.  These small plastic particles become ready meals for fish and birds.  Swap your plastic cleaning equipment for more sustainable cleaning products made from natural materials such as our wooden dish brushes to do your bit.  You'll also find they last longer.


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