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Why do I do what I do?

Who do I do what I do?

I thought I’d take it back to basics today with a bit of background info on what led me to where I am today.  There’s a few different reasons that led me to setting up The Eco Friendly Living Co but it all started with allergies and a random conversation a few years back.  About 4 years ago I had my first allergic reaction after a hairdresser neglected to carry out a dye test on me.  It ended up being quite severe and I received hospital treatment.  It also left me unable to carry on using my usual supermarket bought haircare products, make up and skincare products as they would bring me out in rashes.  I muddled along for a few months trying out different products that claimed to have better ingredients until a random conversation led me to discovering a whole raft of natural products that were not only better for me and my skin but for the environment too.  We started making lots of eco-friendly changes in our home and I was raving about the eco-friendly products I was finding in my research but no one else knew about them!  That’s when the idea for The Eco Friendly Living Co was born. 

So that’s what led me to doing what I do but there are so many reasons as to why I do it.  I’ve always loved animals and been passionate about wildlife, raising awareness and fundraising for various environmental and health charities.  In 2014, I worked in an animal sanctuary and research facility called Naankuse in Namibia, what I learned there about the impact humans have on wildlife has never left me.  That’s why I continue to support the Naankuse Foundation now.  Can you imagine a world without elephants, lions or rhinos? I can’t but if we don’t do something now then that’s the way we are heading.  Being able to support fantastic charities and planting trees is my little way of giving back to our planet to help the conservation of it.

Looking after an orphaned Rock Dassie at The Naankuse Foundation in 2014
( Looking after an orphaned Rock Dassie at The Naankuse Foundation in 2014.)

Since Maddie was born I also feel there an even greater need to push forward in what we do and the way we are living.  I don’t want our children to grow up in a world where there is no fish left in the oceans or elephants roaming the plains.  That’s why these values and ethos are at the absolute core of what I do.  As always, my aim with The Eco Friendly Living Co is to encourage families to ditch the single-use plastic and switch to more sustainable product alternatives, for the sake of our planet and our families.

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