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I recently came across the month long Campaign, Unblocktober, that seeks to save our sewers and seas by getting people to stop flushing household products down the toilet. It (obviously) takes place this month and the campaign will raise awareness of the issues throughout the whole month.  When you read the facts about plastic pollution in the oceans and blockages in our sewers it is pretty eye opening.

  • 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the Ocean every year
  • 95% of sewer blockages are down to disposable wipes
  • It’s estimated that 180 million cotton buds are flushed down our loos every year
  • 48% of the nation pour fats, oils and grease down their toilet
  • More than 3000 homes are flooded every year due to fatbergs and blockages, which are caused by pouring cooking fats and oils down the drains

Unblocktober is asking people to review and charge their habits in order to make a big difference to our environment.  The campaign is asking for us to pay attention to what we are flushing down the toilet and commit to putting NONE of the following 15 items down our loos.

  1. Period products
  2. Dental floss
  3. Razor blades
  4. Cooking oil
  5. Food
  6. Butter
  7. Margarine
  8. Lard
  9. Cooking sauce
  10. Wet wipes
  11. Nappies
  12. Condoms
  13. Cotton buds
  14. Contact lens
  15. Bandages and plasters

When it comes to the household goods that we are flushing down our toilets there are so many eco-friendly alternatives that we can switch too.  Not only will they help to protect our environment but they can also save you money in the long run.

Wet wipes

Ditch the disposable wet wipes for washable alternatives.  Whether its baby wipes, cleaning wipes or make up remover wipes, ditching to reusable wipes is such an easy swap that I really don’t get why everyone hasn’t already swapped!  We love our range of reusables from Mummys Marvellous Makes, which includes these cute make up remover pads, baby wipes and unsponges.


Sanitary Towels

Also from Mummys Marvellous Makes are these washable sanitary pads, which again come in bee print and available in 3 different sizes.  They are made from 100% cotton, so once use is completely exhausted they can also be composted.


We also stock the plastic-free Flo Bamboo pads, which are completely biodegradeable and compostable as there is zero plastic involved. These winged and ultra-thin pads are made from bamboo and corn fibre, meaning they are super soft and breathable.  They are certified organic, hypoallergenic, PETA-Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free.


Dental Floss

We're proud stockists of the Georganics dental care range.  Georganics create effective products that not only support healthy teeth but also support a healthy environment.

This plastic-free natural floss is made from a blend of Charcoal fibres and Polyester yarn, coated with Candelilla wax and organic Peppermint oil. It comes in a reusable glass flint and a metal cap dispenser to be used again and again with our 2x30 metres refills. Packed in a fully compostable, plastic-free kraft box.

Razor blades

Blades such as our Astra Razor Blades can easily be recycled via a recycling point.  Gillette are also currently running a scheme via Terracycle where they will send you a box that you can pop your old razor blades in to send back to them for recycling and it won’t cost you a penny!

Cotton buds

In April the ban on plastic cotton buds was disappointingly delayed by 6 months.  Even though a ban is on the horizon, there is no need to wait for it to come in so get ditching and switching to bamboo cotton buds and be ahead of the game.



These Patch organic plasters are the perfect solution to plastic-free and natural wound care. They are made from 100% certified organic and sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and are 100% compostable.

The packaging tube is made from recycled cardboard and printed with a natural colour dye and the sterilisation packaging is made from plastic-free rice paper and is also compostable.  The plasters and packaging are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Bamboo is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic and other materials due to its sustainability. It grows 1000x times faster than Oak and other hardwood trees, in fact it can grow more than 3 feet in just one day.

It’s very low maintenance and doesn’t require any nasty pesticides to grow. Plus it produces 35% more oxygen than trees. Product wise, bamboo is very versatile, durable and it’s naturally antibacterial, making it the ideal material for plasters.

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