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The Top Ten Green Cities

The Top Ten Green Cities

We recently carried out a survey asking people if their lifestyle had changed during the lockdown in terms of living more sustainable.  I’ll be publishing the full results next week but the results have certainly highlighted that worries about climate change are leading families to make more sustainable changes.  75% of the people who carried out the survey think that the lockdown has made them greener in some way.  Whether it be by going completely plastic free or just reducing their single use plastic usage or switching to eco friendly products, people are making a more conscious effort to live greener.

Research published by comparethemarket.com in December 2019 looked into which cities are the greenest.  

The top 10 green cities in the UK are:

  1. Bristol
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Belfast
  4. Cardiff
  5. Manchester
  6. Northampton
  7. Aberdeen
  8. Glasgow
  9. Bolton
  10. Swansea

They found that Bristol came out as the UK’s greenest city, scoring highly for recycling and air quality and number one when it came to eco-friendly Google searches, with 47 per 10,000 people.  get this data they used local and regional data on things like recycling, air quality and green spaces, we’ve found the UK towns and cities which are the most environmentally conscious. The diagram below from the website goes into more detail.


Cities ranking further down the list included Milton Keyes, Southhampton and Portsmouth.  Those cities recorded poor air quality and Portsmouth had one of the lowest recycling rates.

“It’s clear that the climate, renewable energy and sustainability is a huge focus right now- and so it should be,” Peter Earl from comparethemarket.com explained.

“We should all be putting combined effort into finding the best eco-friendly solutions.”

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