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Rice, Rice Baby

One of our most popular brands on The Eco Friendly Living Co is Huski Home. 

Huski Home is a family run company based in Kent who have put sustainability at the top of their priority list by creating a collection of homeware products that are eco-friendly, reusable and made from natural waste! 

In the UK alone, we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, amounting to around 2.5 billion every year, of which 182 million ends up on our streets and in our oceans. Huski Home decided to do something about this and started to develop products made from bi-products that were under utilised and could solve an issue without creating a new one, or exhausting existing resources.

Through the production of food, beverages, and other products that use natural materials, a lot of waste can still be left behind that can end up in landfill or possibly causing ecological issues if not properly discarded or repurposed.  This is why Huski Home pride themselves on utilising natural bi-products from mass produced materials.

Their unique travel cups and lunch boxes were the first of their kind because they are created by recycling rice husks.  Rice is harvested in mass quantities throughout the world and the rice husk is the hard protection cover on the outside.  When processed, the sheer volume of leftover husks causes issues with farmers as how to properly dispose of it.  It can end up on a landfill site or can be burned, which can cause environmental and social problems.

So instead Huski Home have taken these left over rice husks and created durable, reusable, non-toxic material and then used this material to make the sustainable travel mugs and lunch boxes.  The cups are twin walled, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours.  They're also free from melamine, BPA and silicone and are also non-toxic. They're very durable and can last a life time.

Repurposing waste is at the forefront of what Huski Home do so they haven’t just stopped at rice husks but have also go on to repurpose coconut husk.  Coconut husk is also known as coconut shells and is the outer casing of the fruit.  These eco-friendly coconut husk soap dishes are made from coconut husks, otherwise known as coconut shells.  Once the fruit has been removed, the husks become a waste product and so by repurposing them into one-of-a-kind soap dishes, they are helping to reduce unnecessary waste once again!

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