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Plastic-free Shaving with Bambaw

One of our most popular eco-friendly products on The Eco Friendly Living Co is the Bambaw Unisex Safety Razors. This eco-friendly product swap is a no brainer as not only are they better for the environment but they are also a better shave!

Plastic razors are not recyclable due to the metal razor being embedded in the plastic, and as they only last a short amount of time it means billions of plastic razors find their way to landfill every year.  We all know that landfill means years of decomposing whilst releasing toxic chemicals in to our atmosphere in the process. 

Luckily zero-waste shaving is, and always has been, an option as its actually the traditional way of shaving.  Double edge safety razors were widely used before the mass production of single-use plastic razors, where major shaving companies only had profit in mind.  But actually, plastic razors don't give you the best shave.  Most have multiple blades which cause more skin irritation and can cut the hairs below the skin so in-growing hairs are much more common.


These plastic-free Bambaw double edge razors are not only stylish but they also provide a close shave for both men and women. The double edge razor has a long, riffled handle made of high-quality metal or sustainably sourced bamboo to ensure a tight grip for ease of use. This makes the razor ideal for shaving the face and the body.   They contain one razor double edged blade, which is all you need to achieve that perfect shave.

We get so many comments from people asking if they are safe to use as they are scared they will cut themselves but there really is no need to be.  I have been using mine for a while now and have never cut myself, its exactly like using a plastic razor only I have way less ingrowing hairs!


The Bambaw razor blades are one single blade made from stainless steel, thus easily recyclable. How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months. The safety razors themselves are available in either metal (rose gold, silver and black) or bamboo and when looked after they will last for years!

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