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My top 10 money saving eco-friendly products

One of the criticisms eco-friendly products receive is the cost of them and it is one myth I've always been keen to dispel.  Now more than ever it is even more important to save money or make our money work harder for us so I've put together a quick fire guide of 10 sustainable products that are cheaper than you think and may even save you money!

1) Some refill products are always going to struggle competing with brands full of chemicals as their main ingredients are more expensive to start with but on the other hand some refill products can save you lots of money.  One of our most popular cleaning products is the Miniml Cleaning Vinegar (available for local delivery only), priced at just 20p per 100ml vinegar can clean up a multitude of problems including stains, worktops, windows, bathrooms, detoxing washing machines and more!  Refilling just one bottle of vinegar is much more economical than purchasing 3 different bottles to do 3 different jobs.

2) Spices and herbs are always super cheap to refill.  Why pay over £1 at the supermarket for a new jar of parsley when you could refill for around 15p a jar! A lot of the time you're paying more because of the packaging so you'll probably find pasta, rice and cereals are a lot cheaper too.

3) You all know I am a huge fan of a reusable product, that's why I've brought out my reusable range! Investing in products that can be washed over and over again will save you a heap of cash in the long run.  For example, we have 7 packs of our reusable baby wipes and only currently use disposable wipes when out and about (working on that one!).  Those seven packs cost me £55.93 and I will use them over and over again until Maddie is out of nappies.  If I was to use on average 2 packs of disposable wipes in a week at £1 per pack then that's £104 a year so I have already saved myself £44.17 just in the first year! Shop Reusable Baby Wipes here>>> Reusable Baby Wipes – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo

Safari themed reusable baby wipes

4) Other reusable products you can save money with are sanitary pads, nappies, make up wipes & sponges.

5) 90% of the costs of bottled water is for the bottle itself.  Ditch the bottles and switch to using water filters instead to not only save yourself money but to help save the planet from unnecessary plastic.

6)  Shrink your water bill with a filtration shower head that no only conserves water but somehow also increases water pressure.  They also have the extra benefit of using a mineral ball to remove metals, toxins and minerals from your water.

7)  Switch to an Eccoegg laundry egg, the reusable egg that replaces both detergent and fabric conditioner costing just 14p per wash.  Simply refill the egg with natural mineral pellet's when needed. Find out more here>>> Ecoegg Laundry Egg – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo

Eco-friendly Ecoegg Laundry Egg

8) Ditch the cling film and food bags for beeswax wraps when you never have to purchase plastic wrapping again!  Or even better make your own with a bit of beeswax and a small piece of fabric.

9) Buy a battery charger and reusable batteries and you'd never need to buy a toxic battery or go through the hassle of recycling them again!

10) One shampoo bar can last you twice as long as a shampoo bottle plus you'll be reducing your plastic consumption.  Top tip: Cut your bar in half and just take one piece into the shower at a time to save on wastage! Shop our range of Shampoo Bars here>>> Bathroom – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo

Eco-friendly shampoo bars

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