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Meet Eco Boy!

I am so pleased to welcome Zack from Eco Boy to The Eco Friendly Living Co blog today.  I first spotted Zack's paper tape designs on Instagram, and I knew straight away that we had to stock his tapes.  One thing I always get asked for us alternatives to plastic packaging products so this really fills a niche.  One thing I didn't know though, is Zack's background and so it was a pleasure to find out a bit more about him.  At such a young age, he only has an incredible future ahead of him and will no doubt make a much needed difference to our planet.

It's an absolute pleasure to stock Zack's paper tape and you can find the collection in our Cards and Gift Wrap section here>>> Cards & Gift Wrapping – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo.

Hi Zack, I’m so pleased to have you feature on the blog and I can’t wait to hear all about Eco Boy!  Could you tell our readers what it is you do? 

I sell a range of affordable recyclable paper-based products, with designs on. Predominantly specialising in Kraft Paper Tapes with designs on for both packaging and wrapping, as a sustainable alternative to plastic tapes.


Tell us a bit more about you and what led you on this business journey. 

My name is Zack, aka Eco Boy, I’m 19 years old, and started the business with the help of the Princes Trust, in order to make sustainable alternatives to everyday items, whilst being affordable and accessible to all. After being furloughed from my job and my studies ending, I couldn’t sit around doing nothing for any longer and decided to take the leap, and start my business.

What are your values and why are these important to you?

We are all about being affordable, accessible and sustainable. I am environmentally conscious about everything I do, and would love to be as eco-friendly as possible, but I was often out priced by the expensive alternatives. I’m not from a wealthy family, so I was constantly conflicted, so my products and prices will always be as affordable as possible.

Can you tell me about the best thing that has happened since starting your business? 

The best thing has been the quick growth and support I have had from my customers and followers. I started with investing all my savings and buying just 2 different tapes now I offer over 20 products, designs and variations, all after just a few months. 


What is your favourite product/design? 

My favourite design has to be the Pink Polka dots on the brown kraft tape 48mm width (don’t tell the others!). It looks natural and eco whilst making your packaging special and stand out from the crowd! 


What are your future plans for Eco Boy? 

I hope to keep bringing out my recyclable and sustainable alternatives to everyday items, with the next venture into the original plan of recyclable wrapping paper with designs to match the ones on the tape. The ultimate dream would be to run my business as my full-time job and build an Eco Boy team around me. 

Could you share one of your best eco tips for our readers? 

Switch to paper tape with designs! And then when you receive a package or present with this one, keep it attached to the paper/ cardboard for the best possible recycling! No more ripping off tape, unless it’s plastic! 

Website: www.ecoboy.co.uk

Facebook: ecoboy.uk

Instagram: ecoboy.uk

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