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Did you know that most plasters contain animal derivatives?

Apologies if you're reading this on your lunch but the materials of the plasters we're using to help our wounds heal is something we rarely think of. 

Those little sticky wound bandages look so unassuming but the truth is that there is, more often that not, animal derivatives in our plasters, whether it be bones, glycerine or beeswax. 

The problem is that bandages, unlike medications, do not have to list their materials/ingredients on their packaging so half the time we it is difficult to figure out if the products we are using are free from animal derivatives.

Like many cosmetics, most band-aids are made by companies that test their products on animals. Included among the companies that test on animals are brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Bausch & Lomb, and many others.

This problem is also bigger than just animal-free concerns, but a concern for people with allergies, too. While most bandage packaging will tell the consumer if the product is latex-free or not, they neglect to tell if the product is fragrance-free.

But there is a solution.

Patch is an Australian company that specialises in providing plastic-free bamboo, bio-degradable wound care. Their plasters use a combination of bamboo fibres, coconut oil, and aloe vera to create an ecologically-friendly, animal-free bandage. The plasters are also fragrance-free, making them a versatile, reliable product for people with sensitive skin and allergy concerns.

They are made from 100% certified organic and sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and are 100% compostable. There are 4 different packs available, including panda themed plasters for children and all of which contain 25 hypoallergenic and breathable plasters.

The packaging tube is made from recycled cardboard and printed with a natural colour dye and the sterilisation packaging is made from plastic-free rice paper and is also compostable.  The plasters and packaging are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

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