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Updated for 2022: Debunking the myth that going eco is expensive

I originally wrote and sent this email in April 2020 so last week I spent some time updating the products and their price comparisons and it's as I thought, as the prices of products continues to creep up we can save even more money by spending well and switching to eco-friendly products.

There's a misconception that being environmentally friendly means more expense but that’s not always the case and I’m going to use a few examples below to help debunk this myth.

Reusable face wipes

One billion wet wipes are used in this country each year.  Wet wipes, such as face wipes, cleaning wipes & baby wipes, are behind 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the shape of our rivers as they pile up on beds and banks.  As most commercial wet wipes contain plastic, this means the wipes just sit there for years waiting to decompose.  What doesn't get flushed down the toilet ends up in landfill and left to rot for what could be hundreds of years.

It's time to ditch the single-use wipes and switch to plastic-free reusables.  Our eco-friendly reusable make up remover pads are made out of 100% organic terry cloth and cotton and come with a matching washbag. Once you’ve used all of your set of face pads just throw them in the wash bag and pop them in the wash.  They can be used over and over again.

Eco-friendly reusable make up remover pads

Now to work out how much you'll save in switching. A pack of 20 Simple face wipes costs £2.30 from Tesco as of 14.09.2022. That’s 11.5p per wipe and if you use 2 a day that’s 23p per day.  That’s going to cost you £83.95 for face wipes in just one year!

Our sustainable reusable sets cost £12.99 and can be used over and over again.  Saving you £70.96 over the course of just one year.  


The EcoEgg

Predominantly known for being skin friendly and eco friendly but the EcoEgg Laundry Egg is also purse friendly.  The environmentally-friendly EcoEgg Laundry Egg replaces both your detergent and fabric conditioner and works out at just 14p per wash with the starter kit and 10p per wash once you move on to the refill packs.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Compare this to a 1.43kg box of Daz that is currently on sale in Tesco for £3.50.  It contains 22 washes so that works out at 16p per wash. A 2p saving per wash already and that’s without adding the fabric conditioner.  Add in Fairys 1.19kg Fabric Conditioner which is £2.50 for 34 washes.  That’s an extra 7p per wash. Total saving of 23p per wash plus when you move on to the refill packs you'll save even more cash- 27p per wash to be exact!


 Baby Wipes

Another reusable product that I've saved money with is with reusable baby wipes.  We use 7 packs of our reusable baby wipes and only currently use disposable wipes when out and about (working on that one!).  Those seven packs cost me £55.93 and I will use them over and over again until Maddie is out of nappies.  If I was to use on average 2 packs of disposable wipes in a week at £1 per pack then that's £104 a year so I have already saved myself £44.17 just in the first year! Shop Reusable Baby Wipes here>>> Reusable Baby Wipes – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo



 Safari print organic reusable baby wipes


Ecococonut Twin Pack Scourers

On average it is said that we go through 12 washing up scourers a year.  A pack of 5 from Tesco costs £1.60 so that's 32p per scourer.  These Ecococonut Scourers are made from coconut, which is naturally anti-bacterial, durable, tough and a twin pack costs £4.75.  I have been using the same one since opening my twin pack 2.5 years ago.  During that 2.5 years I would have spent £8 on Tesco scourers yet my coconut scourer still has plenty of life left in it plus I have a second one to move on to!

Ecococonut twin pack scourers

Ocean Saver Eco Drops

Water soluble cleaning sachets, such as the ones from Ocean Saver, are another way of saving money whilst also being eco conscious. 

Most multi-purpose and anti-bacterial sprays come in a plastic bottle and cost anywhere from £1.50- £3.00.  The Ocean Saver Multi Purpose Eco Drop is just £1.75 and lasts the same amount of time as any other cleaner but the bonus is that there is absolutely no waste involved at all.  Simply reuse an old clean spray bottle, fill with warm water, drop your water soluble sachet in and give it a shake then you’re good to go


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  • I love the reusable face pads because they feel better on my skin, hadn’t even thought about them saving money, added bonus!


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