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Debunking The Myths That Going Eco Means More Expense

There's quite a misconception that being environmentally friendly means more expense but that’s not the case. 

For your initial layout you may find that you’re paying out slightly more at first but as a lot of eco friendly products are reusable or just last longer, they are actually more budget friendly that you first thought.  I’m going to use a few examples below to help debunk this myth!


Reusable face wipes

One billion wet wipes are used in this country each year.  Wet wipes, such as face wipes, cleaning wipes & baby wipes, are behind 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the shape of our rivers as they pile up on beds and banks.  As most commercial wet wipes contain plastic, this means the wipes just sit there for years waiting to decompose. 

Eco friendly reusable face pads should be made out of environmentally friendly material such as bamboo fibre or cotton.  Most come with a set of face pads and a washbag, like the ones we stock by Mummys Marvellous Makes.  Once you’ve used all of your set of face pads just throw them in the wash bag and pop them in the wash.  They can be used over and over again.

Let's say you spend £2 of a pack of 25 disposable face wipes.  That’s 8p per wipe and if you use 2 a day that’s 16p per day.  That’s going to cost you £58.40 for face wipes in just one year!

These beautiful flamingo print cotton pads & wash bag cost just £8.95 and can be used over and over again.  Saving you £49.45 over the course of a year.  They're also available in bee print, star print, dolphin print and a new penguin print is coming to the store soon!


The EcoEgg

Predominantly known for being skin friendly and eco friendly but the EcoEggs are also purse friendly.  The EcoEgg replaces both your detergent and fabric conditioner and works out at just 14p per wash.

Compare this to a 1.43kg box of Daz that is currently on sale in Tesco for £3.50.  It contains 22 washes so that works out at 16p per wash. A 2p saving per wash already and that’s without adding the fabric conditioner.  Add in Fairys 1.19kg Fabric Conditioner which is £2.50 for 34 washes.  That’s an extra 7p per wash. Total= 23p per wash.

Using the Ecoegg you’ll save just over £6 for every 70 washes you do.


Beeswax Food Wraps

Asdas plastic zip seal food bags cost £2.55 for 30 that 8.5p per bag.  Say you use 5 bags a week for your lunch that’s £22.10 over the course of a year. 

Our Beeswax Food Wraps cost £7.95 and can be reused day after day for approx. one year or longer if you take good care of them.  Using these works out at just 3p per day and you’ll save yourself £14.15 over the course of one year by switching to these food wraps. 

Plus there’s no plastic involved and they are completely compostable once use is exhausted meaning zero waste is left behind.


Shampoo Bars

Nationwide, the UK uses 7.7million plastic bottles per year but it doesn’t have to be stay like that.  There are lots of household products that not only come in plastic free forms but are also budget friendly including washing up soap bars, cleaning products and these shampoo & conditioner bars.

Our Superfly Shampoo Bars cost £4.50 and my last one lasted just over 80 washes.  That’s works out at 5p per wash.

On average you get 30 washes out of a commercial 350ml shampoo bottle.  If you spend just £2 (and lots of people spend more!) on a 350ml shampoo bottle that works out at just under 7p per wash.  Over 80 washes this would cost you £5.60.

By using shampoo bar not only are you eliminating the use of a plastic bottle that would take years to decompose but you’ll also save yourself £1.10 for every 80 washes.


Ocean Saver Eco Drops

Water soluble cleaning sachets, such as the ones from Iron & Velvet or these Ocean Saver Eco Drops, are another way of saving money whilst also being eco conscious. 

Most multi purpose and anti-bacterial sprays come in a plastic bottle and cost anywhere from £1.50- £3.00.  Our Ocean Saver Multi Purpose Eco Drop is just £1.50 and lasts the same length (if not longer) than your commercial spray but the bonus is that there is absolutely no waste involved at all.  Simply reuse an old clean spray bottle, fill with warm water, drop your water soluble sachet in and give it a shake then you’re good to go

I'd love to know if you've made any eco friendly and money saving eco swaps, just let me know in the comment box below!

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  • I love the reusable face pads because they feel better on my skin, hadn’t even thought about them saving money, added bonus!


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