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5 Really Easy Eco Swaps To Get Started On Today

  • Stop buying water in plastic bottles, it is basically the same as tap water anyway! Plus 90% of the cost of a plastic water bottle is for the plastic packaging!  If you’re not been on your tap water because you live in a hard water area then try using water filters.
  • Ditch the plastic vegetable and bread packaging and take your own bags to the shops, such as these Pack of 3 Eco Living Bread & Vegetable Bags.

  • 90% of the blockages in our waterways are down to disposable plastic-wipes. Whether its baby wipes, face wipes or cleaning wipes stop using disposable ones and instead switch to washable wipes.

  • Enjoy getting your daily coffee? In the UK, we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every year. A lot of which are not recyclable due to the dual materials used to make them.  Asking your local coffee shop to refill your own coffee cup or making your own and using a sustainable travel mug like the ones from Huski Home will help lower this shocking number.

  • Swap your soap! If you use hand soap dispensed from a plastic bottle then now’s the time to swap. Plastic-free soap bars tend to be packed full of natural ingredients that are great for our skin and health, they have a smaller carbon footprint and will last so much longer!

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