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5 Eco-Friendly Products For Under £5

Purchasing eco-friendly products in the UK does not mean you have to spend lots of money, there are plenty of cheap eco-friendly products.  Here are five environmentally friendly products that are only better for the environment than their plastic counterparts but also better for your home and you wallet!  Lets start with the humble toothbrush...

Did you know that 111 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfill sites every year? Not only this but the plastic also releases chemicals into the air making them even worse for the environment.  If there was any reason to change to an eco-friendly substitute that should do it.

These bamboo replacements last the same as a normal plastic toothbrush but the bamboo is 100% sustainable and can be thrown straight on your compost heap.  Just snip the soft nylon bristles off first and they can also be recycled in your normal recycling bin. 

Adults Bamboo Toothbrush- 4 colours available – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo


Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush


OceanSaver Cleaning Drops are the perfect solution to plastic free and toxin free cleaning, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  OceanSaver are a sustainable brand who are against single use plastic so they have developed these revolutionary concentrated cleaning drops that are completely zero waste and only cost £1.75 each.  You simply put into an empty cleaning bottle (such as one of our glass spray bottles or just reuse a bottle at home), add warm water and shake to use! The drops come in a water-soluble film which completely dissolves into water without generating any harmful toxins.

OceanSaver Anti-Bacterial Plastic Free Cleaning Eco Drop in Ocean Mist – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo


Ocean Saver cleaning drops


The below set of 2 sponge cloths are made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton and with water based inks.  They are vegan, 100% plastic-free and compostable once use is exhausted.  The cloths are tough, absorbent and washable meaning you can use them over and over again and that's no exaggeration, they wash like new and for that reason they come highly recommended by me. Not only are they better for the environment and your purse but hey are also safer to use in your home as, unlike traditional sponge clothes, they will not emit micro plastics.

Ecoliving 2 Pack Compostable Sponge Cloths – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo



Plastic-free sponge cloths


Did you know that you use 30% more water when washing with liquid soap than with a bar of soap?  A bar of soap creates more lather so you don’t tend to keep adding water until you rinse off, which means a bar of soap tends to last 6 times longer than a bottle of liquid soap.  

Soaps – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo


Eco-friendly natural soap


The LoofCo washing-up soap bar is an alternative to plastic bottles of Washing-Up Liquid. It is gentle to the environment but tough on grime, whist being plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan. To use just create a lather with warm water onto a brush, sponge, scourer or cloth. Wash item and rinse. I spoke to one customer this week who said her bar was still going strong after 2 years!  If that's not value for money then I do not know what is.

LoofCo Dish Washing Plastic Free Soap Bar- 100g – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo


Natural Loofco washing-up soap bar


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