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5 Easy Eco Friendly Changes You Can Make Whilst In Isolation

The silver lining of Covid-19 is that Mother Nature is healing and the environment is blooming with the reduced pollution but we can do more by learning and changing our habits.  Now's a good a time as ever whilst the UK is in lockdown to switch to a more eco conscious lifestyle. 

  1. Start recycling your packaging properly.  When your post comes in envelopes with plastic windows just make sure you remove this plastic before recycling.  You can also put the paper envelope on your compost heap.
  2. We've all been supporting our local restaurants with takeaways during this weird time but did you know that stained food boxes, such as greasy dirty pizza boxes, should not be fully recycled as they actually contaminate clean recyclable products? So rip off what is clean and put it in the recycling and put the remainder in your normal waste bin. A 50% recycling rate is better than nothing, after all.
  3. Buy package free.  Short on necessities? Whilst time is on our hands research what eco friendly plastic free alternatives are out there.  Like shampoo bars or our reusable makeup remover pads.  Plus these products last longer than using their throwaway plastic alternatives so are purse friendly.
  4. Start composting.  We're eating breakfast, lunch and tea at home so make the most of your uncooked leftovers and get them on the compost heap.  It will result in a batch of homemade compost for your plants to enjoy. I'll do another post on composting tips soon.
  5. Go paperless.  Unsubscribe from those paper mail outs, clothing catalogues and get banking online with online statements.

    These are just 5 easy simple changes that you can implement right now but if you want to also want to know what eco friendly alternatives are out there please visit have a look at our product range here.  

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