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25 Ways To Be Eco-friendly This Earth Day

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet.  If you're using Earth Day to start your eco-friendly journey or if you are using the date to make more environmentally-friendly changes at home then here is 25 ideas to help you make a difference this Earth Day. But remember, changes are for life not just for Earth Day!

  1. Tune into Earth Day Live at www.earthday.org.
  2. Go vegan for the day.
  3. Switch to reusable zero-waste products and save some pennies whilst protecting the planet.
  4. Ditch Google for Ecosia and plant trees as your search.
  5. Support environmental petitions with your signature.
  6. Plant trees at onetreeplanted.com
  7. Go on a litter pick.
  8. Visit your local farm shop for locally grown plastic-free fruit & veg.
  9. Start composting.
  10. Walk or cycle to work instead of driving.
  11. Avoid using plastic all day and then document how hard or easy it has been.
  12. Plant a sunflower and attract wildlife!
  13. Have an hour or two in the evening without your lights on.
  14. Switch to using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  15. Need something? Shop preloved and pay a visit to the charity shops instead of buying new.
  16. Calculate your carbon footprint at com - Carbon Footprint Calculator.
  17. Go paper-free for the day.
  18. Switch to paperless bills.
  19. Learn how to recycle properly (read my handy blog here- 10 Recycling tips that you probably didn’t know about – TheEcoFriendlyLivingCo).
  20. Donate used goods instead off throwing them out.
  21. Go plastic-free in one room. I found the bathroom was the easiest place to start with so many eco-friendly product swaps available.
  22. Hang your clothes out to dry on your washing line rather than use the dryer, weather depending of course!
  23. Ditch those unethical fast fashion brands.
  24. Make those first steps in growing your own fruit and vegetables.
  25. Commit to making changes for good!

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