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10 facts that you might not know about plastic water bottles

  1. A third of all plastic litter found in the sea is made up of plastic bottles.
  2. This litter pollution contributes to the deaths of 1.1million marine creatures every single year.
  3. Plastic bottles make up 10% of litter in the Thames.
  4. Plastic bottles take 450 years to breakdown fully. Some experts actually think that number is closer to 1000 years.
  5. 90% of the cost of bottled water is for the bottle itself.
  6. Bottled water is a thousand times more expensive than tap water.
  7. 25% of bottled water is just tap water.
  8. Bottled water is almost 2,000 times more energy intensive to produce than tap water.
  9. Researchers recently tested bottled water for micro plastic particles and found that 93 per cent of the water tested contained some sort of microplastics, including polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
  10. The entire life cycle of disposable water bottles uses fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and causes.
Unlike plastic bottles eco-friendly water bottles or reusable water bottles use less plastic and can help you reduce your overall carbon footprint and plastic waste.  Even better 2 dollars from every sale of these Ocean Lovers insulated bottles is donated to  An Ocean of Life, which contributes to the protection and preservation of marine environments.
Insulated bottles are made with two stainless steel walls, with a vacuum in between. This creates thermal insulation, which protects your drink against the external temperature. In other words, hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.
These new to the website bottles from Qwetch are available in 2 designs, Arty or Ocean Lover.

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